Woolworths Catalogue Deals 20 – 26 Jun 2018

Prepare your snacks for the games. Big Night snacks are possibly the best deals in this catalogue. Woolworths Catalogue has the half prices. Special half-price deals like Mars, Snickers, Maltesers 12-pk. or soda packs of different brands including Coca Cola or Sprite. Find these products on pg 8-9. Cadbury Oreo cookies will cost lower than regular this week. Save $1 on 114g pack. For children, there is a toy sale on pg 10. 20% off Hasbro Toys & Games will be Monopoly Junior, PieFace!, Play-Doh and Beyblade are among the beloved brands and toys. Half-price deals Kettle popcorn, Cadbury favourites, Lindt Lindor are on sale and they will be half prices.

Woolworths Catalogue ½ prices:

Also, find pantry products of wide range in Woolworths Catalogue. You should explore a significant amoung of savings in this sale. For example, Heinz Beanz will cost half. Nutella is $7 and Almond Breeze will be $1.25 which is the half price. “Prices Dropped” for the Kellogg’s all-bran, White Wings baking mixes, Kellogg’s sustain and more products.

Old El Paso Mexican food including Gluten Free products of soft taco kit, hard n’ soft and even more. Find a recipe there. Half-price deals on more pantry products:

Schnitzel, President Camembert or brie cheese which are perfect choices for breakfast and as side dishes. Find Primo Chorizo, and more products in the deli and bakery sale.

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