Woolworths Catalogue Deals 15 – 21 November 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Deals 15 - 21 November 2017Another wide range of products from Woolworths Catalogue Deals 15 – 21 November 2017. Breakfast nutrition, awesome prices of Christmas products, half prices of candies and snacks. A lot of profits wait for the online customers this week. You should browse pg 2-3 for these half prices of snacks and beverage. Find Christmas special gifts on pg 6. Chocolate boxes of Lindt and Cadbury will be in stocks for the given prices. Woolies always makes great deals or Christmas every year. Christmas decorations can also be found at suitable prices. These decorations consist of a tree, limited stocks of baubles, indoor/outdoor lighting and more products. Visit pg 8-9 for the details about these products. You can also find Christmas table decoration.

Prices dropped for the chocolate boxes you can find on pg 10. Christmas cake, pudding, caramel bombe, white rum balls and more offers are also available.

1/2 prices on the cover page:

Shop fresh produce to sustain your healthy life this week. Get the best picks from the fields of Australia. Juicy fruits like bluberries, nectarines, new season’s beauties are going to be on sale. Woolworths prices for these products are affordable. Tomatoes will cost you only $3 for the pack. Aussie mangoes will be $2.50.

“Prices Dropped” deals on roast chicken and salad varieties on pg 14. Cheese variety, deli meat, delicious salami and European touch on your tables. Find the best prices from Woolworths browsing the latest catalogues. The catalogue is not effective today but you can start to shop on Wednesday.

Farmers Union Greek style yoghurt pouches “on the go” snacks will save your time in the mornings. Greek yogurt varieties, butter and other dairy products for breakfast are available on pg 20-21.

Shop your favourite cheese, packaged dinner and variety of frozen food on pg 22-23. Again many half prices can be spotted on pg 22-23. OvenBake fish 425g will be only $7! Ingham turkey breast is $13 and more products are at more affordable prices at Woolworths.

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