Woolworths Catalogue Deals 22 – 28 Jan 2020

Woolworths Catalogue Deals 22 - 28 Jan 202026th January is Australia Day and for those who want to celebrate, Woolworths Catalogue is a good source where one can find some nice entertainment foods. Find sweets like pavlova and seafood products like prawns on pg 2-3. Australia Day special products like napkins and picnic products are also on sale. Woolworths is one of the most affordable places for such products. It’s a big store so the availability is quite satisfying. You can find some half-price deals, too. Buy Bic fluo lighter pk1 and Arctic Zone 26L hard cooler for half prices on pg 4. This post contains affiliate links so you can click on these products to buy them on the catalogue. Explore Woolworths Catalogue Deals 22 – 28 Jan for many more things.

Woolworths Ice Cream and Fresh Specials

Ice cream seems to be very innocent. Everybody talks about ice cream very nicely. I have never seen somebody talk rubbish about this very sweet which is made of mainly dairy products. But the truth is that it’s full of sugar. And honestly, most conventional ice cream products are just regular sugar and they are very easy to eat. However, they are cheap in most supermarkets. You can buy Bulla Nourish sticks 450mL for only $4. With that deal, you will save $3 this week at Woolworths. So be careful and go easy on the ice cream. It’s not that innocent.

Woolworths Fresh Deals and Meat

Awesome deals on meat products, seafood, salmon, prawns, and more are available on this Woolworths Catalogue. I think the best thing any party is an excessive amount of meat. I particularly like the nutrition that comes from the sea. They are both healthy and delicious products. Enjoy these deals by Woolies this week:

Woolworths Deli and Fridge Food

One of the best parts of all the supermarket catalogues is the deli department. You usually find enjoyable foods that can be also party foods. You can prepare a platter with some salami, Frankfurts, and ham saving with the deli deals by Woolworths Catalogue.

Most products from the fridge category of Woolworths Catalogue are dairy products or yoghurt variety. You can find deals on Chobani yogurt, Original juice black Label, Coon cheese slices, and more. Visit pg 14-15 for an interest list of deals. For those who like to keep some frozen foods in their fridges, there are some good half-price deals, too. Steggles and Patties are available there.

Find vegetarian Asian foods and meal kits on pg 21. Woolworths celebrates Lunar New Year. Various sauces are available on this page, too. Shop some canned goods like fish and corn. Buy your coffee and easy breakfast foods from Woolworths pantry section. Moccona coffee 200g will cost $9. Save $4 on that product.

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