Woolworths Catalogue Deals 26 Apr – 2 May 2023

Half-price deals on KitKat, Real Stock, Dairy Farmers, Nutri-Grain, Up & Go products are the first things you can see as soon as you open the Woolworths Catalogue. You can save half on Diet & Sports nutrition products. Grocery and snacks are only a part of the catalogue. You have half-price deals on household supplies, too. Finish Ultimate Plus all-in-one dishwasher tablets, The Natural Chip Company, Bulla Splits, and more items have been featured deals in this catalogue. You can collect reward points when you buy products like Finish Ultimate Plus all-in-one dishwasher tablets which will cost only $26.

Woolworths Catalogue 26 Apr - 2 May 2023

  • Fresh specials: buy Australian Broccolini bunch for $2.30
  • ½ price deals on Real Stock, KitKat, Crunch, Thick & Creamy, Nutri-Grain and Up & GO
  • ½ price deals on Mayver’s peanut butter, LCMs, Twinings, Welch’s, K-Time, Twirl, Cobs, CC’s, Ritz, and more pg 2-3
  • Diet & Sports nutrition: Musashi protein cookie, and more protein or carbs source on pg 4-5
  • Back to School deals: Sunsol muesli, Uncle Tobys rollet oats, Bread Loaf, John West Tuna tempters, and more pg 6-7
  • Fruits & Veg: raspberries, apples, bananas and more at lower prices pg 10-11

Woolworths Catalogue has great offers for deli & meat products, too. You can save on lamb leg roast, steak variety, filled pasta, freshwater basa fillets, and many more items. In the fresh category, you have also lots of deals on bakery products. Buy Cadbury raspberry Mini Rolls for half the regular price.

Check out these frozen & fridge products:

  • Kit Kat Ice Cream Sticks 360ml Pk 4 – From the Freezer $4.75 pg 17
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Ripple Ice Cream Tub 1 Litre $4.50
  • Sammontana Gruvi Ice-Cream Sticks 300ml Pk 4 $5
  • SunRice Hinata Short Grain Rice 5 kg $15 pg pg 21
  • Hellmann’s Garlic Aioli Squeeze 252g $2.75

Much more than this can be seen on the catalogues. Don’t only look for good deals in Woolworths Catalogue Deals 26 Apr – 2 May 2023. All the major stores have great deals on catalogues at the moment.

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