Woolworths Catalogue Deals 22 – 28 November 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Deals 22 - 28 November 2017It’s wise for deal hunters to seek their favourite products and weekly needs in these online catalogues. They have special half prices for products including Lindt Excellence block and Omo laundry powder on the first page. Christmas decorations prices will start from $2. Most products on pg 2-3 are limited with stocks. Get your turkey for the holidays. Find “prices dropped” deals of holiday food on pg 4 of the Woolworths Catalogue. Recipe for Christmas meal is available on pg 5. If you are preparing sweets for the holidays, get prepared to make them as well. The needs of yours when you are in search for such things will be on the new catalogue of Woolworths. More catalogues for Christmas are actually available right now. There are plenty of products and gifts on sale.

30% off walkers shortbread and half price for Cadbury favourites on pg 8-9. More half prices will be valid this week for the Christmas chocolates. They have a big deal on Lindt Lindor gift box, Cadbury Roses and Oreo cookies in the content.

Schweppes at ½ price, low prices for Natural chip company chips, Pringles is at half price and more deals are going to be valid for all on 22 – 28 November. CC’s corn chips 175g will be priced at only $1.60 and that’s another half price. Find these products on pg 10-13.

All these are ½ prices by Woolworths this week. Find your favourite yoghurt at Woolworths. Low prices for dairy products including “low price always” deals viewable on pg 17 is another advantage from this catalogue. Summer food and the fun with the half prices and a lot of savings are in stocks of Woolworths supermarket. Go to the pg 18-19 for more details. Shop 100% Aussie fresh produce. Aussie broccolini, truss tomatoes, grapes and mangoes are in the latest product range. Fresh cut meat will have a “prices dropped” deal and so do deli meat and Bakery.

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