Woolworths Catalogue Deals 29 Mar – 4 Apr 2017 | Easter Sales

It’s good to read this kind of catalogue again by Woolworths supermarket. Woolworths Catalogue Deals 29 Mar - 4 Apr 2017It contains Easter sales, confectionery, snacks, grocery, pantry, chocolates, bevarge, recipes, seafood, meat, bakery-deli, and a lot of “prices dropped” or half price deals. You must browse the new catalogue for Easter products on pg 2-5. Lindt Gold Bunny which is only at Woolworths will be only $15 ! Woolworoths offers top gifts and chocolates for Easter on pg 2-4. 20% off all chocolate Easter bunnies this week ! Good deals on cover:

1/2 prices:


Get more Easter deals on pg 5.

Read the recipe of barbecued salmon with Asian slaw on pg 6. Seafood is on the rise in March-April. Woolworths Catalogue Deals 29 Mar - 4 Apr 2017 3You can find a lot of good deals for seafood. Find seafood for Lent on this catalogue. Discover real good stuff with bag&bake on pg 7. Fresh products like fresh barramundi and others are available. You should see drinks and snacks on pg 9. Allen’s choc&cream is avialable with intro price ($2 ea )! Half prices of Snickers, Mars, Oreo cookies are also available. Get Pepsi or Solo 2L varieties for $2 and Smith’s thinly cut (175g) for only $2 (which are prices dropped) on pg 10-11.

Good deals on pg 9-11:

Half prices:

Get these deals of pantry and breakfast on pg 12-13. The most important food of the whole day, is breakfast. Get quality items like Kellogg’s, So Good, Moccona coffee for cheaper prices of Woolies. You can save more with the catalogues of this supermarket. Nescafe Gold 100g is only $3.40 ! Half price of Jordans crispy oat clusters is valid after Wed. Get Cottee’s Jam or marmalade (500g) for $2.50 and Liddells lactose free milk (1L) for $2 which are prices dropped deals on pg 12. You can read the recipe of caramel slice for Easter on pg 13. Save $10 on Lavazza coffee which is viewable on the same page.

New items of pantry on pg 14-15:

Boost frozen smoothie packs are only at Woolworths. Get intro price of that product. Woolworths Catalogue Deals 29 Mar - 4 Apr 2017 22You can save $1 with buying these smoothie packs. Frozen food of Woolworths are always helpful categories for people who hate cooking or are in lack of time for cooking. Lean Cuisine, Ho Mai, Quorn, Ocean Chef and more products are available in this list of products. Ingham’s breast kiev is only $7. Dr Oetker Ristorante 310g can be purchased for $5 ! Find good deals on pg 16-19 including half prices.

Half Prices:

Low price always :

Stay healthy and consume the sweet dairy products by Woolworths that are available on pg 20-21.Woolworths Catalogue Deals 29 Mar - 4 Apr 2017 24 Low Price always of Western Star spreadable butter is only $5 (500g) and another great deal will be valid for Greek style yogurt of Farmers Union ! 500g yogurt is only $3. A recipe of breakfast berry smoothie can be seen on pg 20. Mainland on the go snack, and creamy cheese crackers are featured on pg 21. See fruit&veg deals of Woolworths. Aussie broccolini is $1.50, watermelon is $.90 kg, sweet berry tuss tomatoes 130g is $2.50 ! Prices dropped for meat are the deals for real stuff. You should see this new price range for beef corned silverside, whole fresh chicken and more products on pg 24. Meet seasonal meat selection on pg 25.

Good deals by deli-bakery on pg 26&27:

In this catalogue you can find mobile phone deals. Half prices of electronics including printers, phones, and gift cards on pg 28-29. Home and media deals for bedding, food storage and kitchen on pg 30-31. Discover new price drops of cleaning-pet supplies and household on pg 32-33. 30% off personal care, beauty products on pg 34-35. See pharmacy, hair care, baby care products on pg 36-37. Liquor selection of Woolies can be found on pg 38-39. Also see some good deals on pg 40-41 featuring half prices.

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