Woolworths Catalogue Deals 7 – 13 Jun 2023

You can buy a lot of products at half prices if you use Woolworths catalogues. This week, you can browse specials on the first twp pages where Tasmanian Heritage Brie, Primo Short Cut, Jalna Pot Set, Huggies Baby Wipes are half-price deals. ½ price Olay on page 13.

Woolworths Catalogue Deals 7 - 13 Jun 2023

Woolworths offers the Big Night In event which is your chance to win 1M everyday rewards points and $3000 appliance package. Get your chance with spending a certain amount on participating items. ½ price deals included snacks, too. Your favourite biscuits like mini oreo cookies, McVitie’s digestives, and more are all featured offers. Explore these in Woolworths Catalogue Deals 7 – 13 Jun 2023:

  • ½ price Tasmanian Heritage Brie, Primo Short Cut, KitKat, Arnott’s Shapes, Schweppes and more pg 1
  • ½ price Huggies baby wipes, Berocca Energy Effervescent Tablets, Jordans Muesli, Jalna Pot Set Greek Yoghurt, and more products
  • The Big Night In Event: 1M Everyday Rewards Points – $3000 appliance package. Check out the participating items from which you can buy 3 to join and get your chance.
  • ½ price Arnott’s Shapes, mini bites or Shapes fully loaded, Cadbury Medium Bars, McVitie’s Digestives, Cadbury Freddo Biscuits, Cadbury Milk Chocolate Fingers
  • Shop these for Big Night In rewards: 40% off Coca-Cola, 40% off Kettle Native Chips, 40% off Old Gold. Earn 10x points on gift cards
  • ½ price Arnott’s Shapes, mini bites, shapes fully loaded

Grocery, Half-Price Items – Woolworths Catalogue Deals 7 – 13 Jun 2023

½ price deals will help you with great products of your favorite brands. Don’t bother boiling soup for hours. Campbell’s beef & veg soup is only $2.25 at Coles stores.

  • ½ price Greenseas Tuna, Campbell’s soups, Continental Stock, Carbonell olive oil, Cadbury Mini Rolls, Lavazza Espresso, Lipton ice tea, and more products
  • ½ price Blackmores wellbeing products
  • Winter Health & Beauty products: Glow Lab, Oral-B Toothpaste, Olay Regenerist, Palmolive shampoo, Pantene shampoo, and more products.
  • ½ price Household supplies including Jif, Bref, Finish Dishwasher tabs, Morning Fresh and more products

The fresh section is an extensive product range with Winter’s prices-dropped items. Learn how to make pumpkin soup risotto this week. New flavours, and new products like Oxyshred Energy Drink 355mL can be seen in the catalogue.

Pantry products like these can inspire you this week for cooking dinner:

  • Old El Paso Standard Kits 355-520g $5.95
  • Gravox Gravy or Finishing Sauce 165g $2.40
  • Maggi Fusian Noodles 345-360g Pk 5 $2.75
  • Nestle Milo 1 kg $12
  • Ovaltine Sleep 400g $6.75

The nonfood products with categories like body & baby, baby care products, EOFY sale. EOFY sale is a really good example, because most catalogues have EOFY deals right now. Check out tax deductible products like office chair, lawnmower, etc.

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