Woolworths Catalogue Deals 8 – 14 Mar 2017

You will browse a wide product range from grocery to candies in the food sale of Woolworths Catalogue. Woolworths Catalogue Deals 8 - 14 Mar 2017Let’s focus on half prices, and “low price always” deals which are viewable on new catalogue. This week several grocery stores have created gluten free foods. Find one of these on Woolworths Catalogue 8 – 14 March 2017, on pg 11. Savings of prices dropped for cheese variety like mozzarella, colby and more are viewable on pg 2-3. That’s a hilarous range for cheese lovers. Save more on expenses of food on pg 4-5. Frozen meals comprising lasagne, pasta, ricotta, tuna fish, cottage pie and more are on sale. Woolies has also beverage sale. Snacks like Smith’s chips, soft drinks like Coca Cola are featured deals available on pg 6&7.

Half Prices on cover page:

Find your favourite Easter candies in-store or online this week. They alread launched this sale for the upcoming Easter. Smith’s new flavours are on sale, too. Half price of these packs valid on March 8th and The Natural Confectionery Co. rainbow garden friends has intro. price at Woolworths. Cadbury Dairy Milk, egg bunnies, maltesers by Easter shelf will make a serious difference from other catalogues of grocery stores.

Half prices of snacks, beverage and candies on pg 7:

This catalogue is awesome ! Everything is on sale. One of the categories in it, is breakfast and coffee on pg 10. You might find low price always deals on that page. Kellogg’s, Nescafe and more brands are viewable. New range of half prices also cover pantry including canned tuna fish, pasta sauces, soups of Heinz and essentials of cooking. View pg 12 for half prices and get details. This week’s bakery offers are savings on sourdough loaf, some buns and packaged breads. Muffin varieties can also be found.Woolworths Catalogue Deals 8 - 14 Mar 2017 3

“Low price always” and half prices on pg 10-12:

Aussie grown fresh produce is highly popular among Australian customers, since they are healthy, tasty and juicy. Suppor the country with buying more Aussie grown products in stores like Woolworths. Some of these are only available at Woolies. Don’t miss out this chance to save and get quality. Groceries aside, deli shelf offers fabulous deals for everyone. Check out new cheese products, particularly, feta cheese on sale. Also “prices dropped” are viewable on pg 16&17 where you can find all in-ad deli products.

Prices Dropped from deli and meat on pg 16&18

If you are in need of a lot of frozen food, meals like pizza and ice cream check out pg 22-23 for deals. Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza is only $3.75 with half price deal. Fill your fridge with savory food from the list of “low price always” on pg 25. You can save $1 with purchasing “real wholesome blend” this week. Save more with dairy deals on pg 24-25.Woolworths Catalogue Deals 8 - 14 Mar 2017 8

Prices dropped of dairy products on pg 25:

Starting from pg 26 browse non-food deals including food storage, homeware, cleaning and household items, personal care products, beauty products and personal care. Follow us on Twitter to get updates and news about reviews, new catalogues etc.

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