Woolworths Catalogue Deals April 11 – 17, 2018

Woolworths has some profitable deals on many products that are probably your favourite this week. You can check out what’s a hot deal on this catalogue. Quilton toilet tissue, M&M’s, Red Rock Deli chips, fresh produce and more are what Woolies consistently presents with. Pumpkins, broccoli, seedless grapes, kanzi apples, basa fillets and more are fresh products of Woolworths Catalogue.

Check out meat sale in the latest catalogue. Explore the prices of new meat products including packaged products and fresh meat dept. products. MSA Australian beef t-bone steak will cost only $20 saving $2. Market value thin sausages, Australian beef corned silverside are “prices dropped” deals. Whole fresh plain chicken, Steggles premium chicken fingers, and more are also participated products of this deal.

TicTac is $.50 cheaper this week. Cadbury limited edition boost nuts will cost half the regular price. Save $1 with that snack. Prices Dropped for Arnott’s cruskits and Party Bag Twisties cheese. Visit pg 16&17 for the products of breakfast food from Woolworths Catalogue. Nutella, Nutri-Grain, Weet-Bix, Uncle Tobys, Bega peanut butter, Nestle Milo and more breakfast stuff is available.

You can encounter many pantry products like pasta sauce and chunky beef and veg soup of Campbell’s. Greenseas Tuna will be half-price deal. Make a perfect pasta with Barilla Penne rigate, Val Verde passata, Mozzarella by Devondale.

Find packaged food products that will save your time and money at the same time. You must realize that everything becomes more profitable when you buy in bulks. That’s one of the advantages of these catalogues. Like this one from Woolworths. Make a list of these products to purchase.

  • Tegel Tenders or Burgers 355/365g $4.50 pg 22
  • Ho Mai Cocktail Spring Rolls 1 kg $7
  • Four’N Twenty Toppers 133-145g $1.25
  • Patties Party Pack 1.25 kg $6.75

Starting on pg 24, personal care, household supplies, cosmetics and more products are available. Don’t forget to see all these categories and save more. Check out half-price deals on household products. That includes chemical cleaning products and stuff liek that.

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