Woolworths Catalogue Easter 8 – 14 Apr 2020

Woolworths Catalogue Easter 8 - 14 Apr 2020Amidst the challenge to tackle the COVID-19 spread which became really annoying at this point, Easter Sunday is coming. We need to focus on that to save on some celebration products. Woolworths Catalogue Easter 8 – 14 Apr sale offers Cadbury egg crate which may be the coolest product of the week. See the first page for that product which is only at Woolworths. Coke, prawns, hot cross buns are also on sale this week. Woolies offers new deals on drinks and snacks, too. Also, learn about the possible recipes you may apply to bake or cook. Sweets for Easter Sunday are great ideas for all families. See these bakery deals on the catalogue:

Woolworths Easter Confectionery

Go to Easter page of Woolies, check out buns, Easter gift ideas, and chocolate indulgence for Easter. Woolworths Catalogue Easter 8 – 14 Apr confectionery sale is a big part of the whole content. Shop Easter eggs and Easter bunny in April. Plush Easter bunny and Easter buckets are available in this part of the catalogue. Buy 30cm Easter plush bunny for $8 at Woolworths this week.

Woolworths Catalogue Easter 8 - 14 Apr 2020You can find a lot of half-price deals on popular chocolate brands including Lindt and Cadbury on pg 15. And Woolworths Easter toy sale seems to be one of the primary things at Woolworths supermarket this week. That’s because unusual to normal times, popular toy brands are here on a Woolies catalogue. Harry Potter, Barbies, Stranger Things, LOL Surprise, and more brands are some of the brands on pg 16-17.

Woolworths Fresh Produce and Grocery Sale 8 – 14 Apr

Go back to essentials. Our weekly needs like vegetables and juicy fruits are on sale. All Aussie-grown products. Buy potatoes, tomatoes, lemon, and more products at lower costs. Woolworths Catalogue meat sale is something you should see, too. There is a deal on steak and sausages. View the fresh seafood range, too. Salmon, prawns, cod, hake fillets, and more products are on sale on Wednesday.

Woolworths Frozen Food and Ice Cream

I have always been a fan of products that I can eat from the fridge whenever I open it. Yoghurt is one of them. It’s healthy and when it’s low-fat and sugarless Greek yoghurt, it’s also healthy. 2 for $7 on cheese and sausces on pg 27. Shop coffee, breakfast, nutritional bars, protein bars at the end of the Woolworths catalogue grocery sale.

Stocks are a problem. Woolworths, Coles, and other major supermarkets struggle to renew shelves because of the unnatural demand. Not all the branches may have that problem. But looking at the constant customer notices for weeks on the official pages now, we can understand there is clearly a serious problem with the stocks. But I think if everybody shops for the week not for the months, that problem will go away. You can’t fill your fridge for a year. Maybe you can shop for two weeks so that you don’t have to go to the store every week or once every three days.

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