Woolworths Catalogue Easter Deals 5 – 11 April 2017

Easter deals on this catalogue featuring special deals like “prices dropped”, recipes, seafood for Lent, half prices, “low price always” and more are viewable via Woolworths Catalogue Easter 5 – 11 April 2017.Woolworths Catalogue Easter Deals 5 - 11 April 2017 Open the preview with the link with one click on the image. General grocery categories you know from Woolworths are included by this catalogue. View all food products until you see pg 28. From that page, you can start browsing products like household, swim wear, car care, cleaning supplies, half prices of personal care products, 40% off skin care, baby products and pet supplies.

Easter celebration immediately reminds of chocolate bunny when you are browsing Woolworths Catalogue. Top brands of chocolates and Easter eggs are available in the list of products viewable on this catalogue. Woolies makes awesome deals for everyone. On cover page, you can find Cadbury dairy milk bunny and more products. Schweppes 4 x200mL pack is half priced. You should see discounts on Cadbury Crate and Lindt Easter eggs on pg 3.

Hunt for eggs at Woolworths stores ! Lindt, M&M’s Easter eggs are in the catalogue with awesome prices. Cadbury Hunt or dairy milk buckets can be seen on pg 2. Recipe of Easter chick brownies and half price of Betty crocker baking are what you can find on the catalogue. Easter gifts on pg 5:

Find Rogue One DVD on the same page. Seafood for Lent on pg 6 gives you alternative food ideas. See recipe of Barbecue green prawns with Thai marinade. Check out bakery products of Woolworths which are delicious and healthy. They are low priced and quality food. Low price always deals for bread variety can be seen on pg 9. Some of the deli products are exclusive to Woolworths stores. Take a look at these beauties on pg 11.Woolworths Catalogue Easter Deals 5 - 11 April 2017 3

Delicious Meat dinners available in this catalogue can be seen on pg 12-13. Chicken and seasonal meat variety are featured. Fresh products of Aussie production are available on pg 14-15. Aussie raspberries and broccoli are proudly presented. Great prices which you will love to see. Half prices of soft drinks and favourite snacks, beverage sale can be viewed on pg 16&17.

See Kettle popcorn and Schweppes cordial deals on pg 18. “Low price always” prices of Up&Go and Nescafe Capuccino on pg 19. Shop for quality pantry products for much low prices of Woolworths. Half prices, and savings with Caffitaly coffee machines are featured on the latest ad. Don’t miss out !

Half prices of pantry and sauces on pg 21:

MasterFoods lemon pepper fish with Hollandaise is readable on pg 22. See also recipe of Grilled Sardine quinoa salad. You can shop for Brunswick wild sardines priced at half. Chicken and mushroom baked risotto recipe by Italian cuisine is readable on pg 25. You should see awesome products on pg 24-25 for the best yield from this shopping.Woolworths Catalogue Easter Deals 5 - 11 April 2017 5

Check out half prices of frozen food on pg 26:

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