Woolworths Catalogue Easter Treats 3 – 9 Apr 2019 | Grocery

Find traditional candies, Easter eggs, bunny, Cadbury products, and more in the Easter confectionery range of Woolworths Catalogue. To browse this part, please go to pg 10-15 of the catalogue. Woolworths Catalogue showcases a range of savings on extraordinary candies and chocolate boxes. For example, Lindt Easter Gala box 400g pack is only $20 with a $10 saving. Buy gifts from the chocolate boxes shelf of the Woolies. A great example of what could be a gift in Easter is Ferrero Rocher pk 30 which is only $11 at Woolworths. Save $8 on that collection of chocolates. Also, there are more savings and half prices in the Easter treats.
Accessories and decoration items can also be interesting for many. Buy Easter premium character wire basket for only $8! Traditional products of chocolate and confectionery will also be present with the prices from this catalogue. Get a Lindt Easter gold bunny for $4.50 at Woolworths this week.

Toys and more:

Woolworths Catalogue Easter Food Deals

Seafood for Lent is one of the most popular categories of the food range of most catalogues. You can buy Birds Eye deli chips getting bonus tiles for only $1.97! More like John West’s packaged or canned fish variety is available on pg 17. Make a great pasta with the product on pg 18. Zafaretti pasta of 500g is only $1. Save $.50 on that pasta. You can also find Dolmio pasta sauce which is an iconic product when it comes to making a delicious pasta meal.

Get 10% discount on fresh mincemeat. Also, save on beef porterhouse steak, lamb forequarter chops, and more meat products on pg 22. Fresh and packaged bakery products are on pg 23. Buy Crusty entertainer rolls for only $3. In the deli, you will also find savings. Save $5/kg on Bertocchi Venetian spicy salami.

Packaged foods and frozen pizza: