Woolworths Catalogue Easter Treats 8 – 14 Apr 2020

Woolworths Catalogue Easter Treats 8 - 14 Apr 2020A big part of the deals of the new catalogue is the drinks & snacks. In the Woolworths Catalogue Easter treats 8 – 14 Apr sale, you will find popular products like Snickers andMars, but it also contains new special products by brands like Lindt and Cadbury. These brands make new chocolates for Easter every year. Not only regular snacks and beverage products are your thing this week. Exclusive products like Darrel Lea hollow inclusion egg are very interesting, too.

Woolworths Catalogue offers a plush Easter bunny. Toys and Easter buckets are a somewhat elementary part of the celebration. Find cute little bunnies on pg 13. You can buy them at affordable prices. Easter plush or felt basket will cost only $4. Find Easter rabbit ears on the same page.

Easter bunny is available on pg 14. Iconic Cadbury Easter bunny and Easter eggs or Lindt are on the same page. This should be one of the items in your list if you are looking for Easter’s traditional products. Exclusive Easter products at Woolies:

The half-price deals on brands like Toblerone:

Browse Woolworths Easter toys on pg 16&17. Kids will love this year. Everybody is at home.

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