Woolworths Catalogue Food 23 – 29 August 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Food 23 - 29 August 2017Shop for awesome products of regular needs for the week and get them for cheaper values at Woolworths stores. Use this Woolworths Catalogue to make your shopping list consisting of whatever you need. On the first page of the Woolworths, find half prices for some popular products. Vittoria coffee, Cadbury chocolate and more products are featured. More half prices for snacks, beverage, chocolate bars, cereals, candies on pg 3-5. This week’s new product is Cadbury Freddo block that will be priced at only $2.50 ea! Buy Father’s Day gifts. Coffee machine and espresso capsules are on sale. Get them for half prices on pg 7. Woolies offers “low price always” deals on pg 6. Up & Go fridge pack, Devondale milk and more items are available on the new range of Woolworths Catalogue.

You will see a lot of half price deals like Campbell’s soup, Bertolli olive oil, Harvest bran oil 3L, MasterFoods traditional gravy, Suimin Noodle cup on pg 8. Old El Paso prices were dropped for this week. “Prices Dropped” deals for 5 different products from pantry range. For delicious ingredients to make wonders for dinner or lunch, check out wide range of pantry products of Woolworths. “Prices Dropped” deals for Ingham’s chicken breast munchies, Vaalia Yoghurt, Streets Blue Ribbon ice cream, frozen meals, and more products on pg 11. Shop for frozen food. Peters Drumstick pk 4-6 will be $5/each starting on Wednesday for one week. Birds Eye Deli fish is a half price ($3.49).

One of the best from this list is Weight Watchers classic menu frozen meals. Beef Lasagne and beef cottage pie are available on pg 12.

Make beef casserole, with the ingredients that you can find on pg 14. Awesome “low price always” deals for dairy products can be found on pg 15. Greek style yogurt is $3.90 this week. Get proactiv large pack for only $10 ea! Parmesan, which is the essential of classic pizza, is $3.25! Shop for more products. Dairy Farmers, Connoisseur, Gippsland dairy twist yoghurt. Obela garnished hommus is $3.50 at Woolworths (220g). Shop for fetta cheese. Castello cubed fetta is a new one at Woolworths. That might make a difference than classic fetta cheese. Check out its price on pg 17.

Fresh produce with popular products of the season. 100% Aussie fresh products are available at Woolworths. Check out broccolini, lady apples, blueberries, mandarins and more on pg 18-19. Seafood is on pg 20. The meat sale can be seen on pg 21. Australian lamb quarter chops will be $11/kg this week.

Tasty bakery, deli and wonderful prices on pg 22-23. Shop for home style scones, English muffin varieties, Golden crumpet breaks and more products on pg 22-23. Follow Woolworths Catalogue on social media to get posts like this.

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