Woolworths Catalogue Food Deals 14 – 20 Nov 2018

Pantry products on pg 11 are Pancake shake, Kellogg’s nutri-grain to go squeeze, Active Balance, and more breakfast food. Save $2.30 on Uncle Tobys plus, $2.50 on Fibre One 90, Heinz baked beans, Vitasoy soy milk and more products. Check out prices dropped deals on the same page. You have a good range of products in the Christmas baking category that has Cadbury baking chocolate. Save $1.75 on baking chocolate and save $.75 on CSR brown sugar. You need ingredients to make a nice Christmas sweet and essentials are possibly available in Woolworths Catalogue at a lower price than elsewhere. Read the recipe of Gingerbread Almond Wreath. More half-price deals are available on pg 14-15. Pantry products and sauce variety for your meals. Dolmio pasta sauce has been one of the most popular pasta sauces in recent years. You can easily find a good deal on packaged food, too.

“Prices Dropped” deals on Nestle Milo Refill, Golden Circle Fruit drink, True Foods Naan Bread, Always Fresh Olives and more products. And more half-price deals are valid on Spam, Dolmio Extra pasta sauce, Monini olive oil, Three Threes Beetroot on next page. New products in frozen food, “low price always” for 5 different products on pg 17 are good picks from fridge category. Cheese, dips, yoghurt, orange juice are available in that section.