Woolworths Catalogue Food Festive 2 – 8 Dec 2015

WOOLWORTHS FOOD FESTIVE ON SALEWoolworths Catalogue Food Festive 2 - 8 Dec 2015

Christmas Dinner does not have to be indoors! If it will be warm, we can suggest you to make grill to enjoy your Christmas with full of pleasure. It  is completely alternative and healthy way to cheer up your Christmas Family Dinner times! Surely you missed chicken kebabs smell and cooking sound on your grill! So BBQ dinner would be some solution, which would make you full of pleasure , even while cooking! In Woolworths, varieties of chicken kebabs are available, which will make your dinner famous!


If you want to increase your choice to eat, no need to think about your diet it is the most special day never mind, you can check sausages and hams or salads in Woolworths, this would show your dinner table amazing! Make your Christmas dinner special!  With those rich and tasty food, you need some wraps or breads next to them, Helgas Bread Varieties are on sale to make your Christmas Dinner famous by Woolworths! Helga’s Bread is always tastiest and healthiest way to make your Christmas Dinner much much better! If you want to enjoy your kebab in a real way, Mission Wraps are available in Woolworths, make your dinner healthy and tasty! Healthy bread is the best for your health and your form, Sourdough Loaf is available in Woolworths to make your bites tastier! Try it!

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