Woolworths Catalogue Footy Finals 20 – 26 September 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Footy Finals 20 - 26 September 2017You should see the latest Woolworths Catalogue which contains new grocery products, beverage prices and bulky snacks at lowered prices. Half prices of 4 popular products are available on the cover page. Check out a lot of new prices for the snacks you love. Woolworths Catalogue footy finals food is everywhere in this catalogue. Shop for coke, Fanta, Schweppes, Kettle, macro Organic food and more are featured deals. Low price always for the products on pg 4-5. Australia Woolworths whole chicken, Pepperoni pizza, and high amount of delicious quick food and bakery from pg 4-5 of this catalogue.

4 products at half prices will be so popular:

If you like these products and their prices, you are probably a customer who likes half prices and snacks. Check out pg 3 of the catalogue for Thins chips, Snickers, Mars, Cadbury Roses, Lindor and more.

Stock delicious instant meals and pantry products. Pay less for the products you might use as appetizers or main course meals. They can be dinner or lunch. Heinz baked beans, Fantastic noodles chicken, olive oil of Bertolli and many more are in the range of new Woolworths Catalogue. Shop for awesome prices of Woolies.

Breakfast is better with Woolworths prices. Save a lot with your purchases of cereals and great coffee. Nescafe Gold, Blend 43, will cost only $16 which is $4 less. Another great deal is that of Up & Go products. The breakfast liquid will be only $2.50 for its 3x250mL packs. Twinings Green tea, Le Snak, Vegemite and cereals of Kellogg’s, Uncle Tobys plus, and more are featured products of Woolworths on pg 10.

1/2 prices:

Frozen and dairy products that are the source of protein and nutrition will be at Woolies for cheaper prices. Check out pg 14-15 for the details of these products. Watermelons, blueberries, tomatoes, potatoes are Aussie products that will be on sale. Shop for this beautiful fresh produce on pg 16&17 of the latest catalogue. Get your favourite cut from meat dept. Aussie lamb picked with care. Spring Lamb will be available at Woolworths stores and it will cost only $18 for kg of steak. Australian lamb mid loin chops is $19 after Wed. Savings are big. See them on pg 18. A wide meat range is available on pg 18-20. Seafood range featuring prawns, salmon fillets, and many more products can be found at Woolies. Go to pg 22 for deli products and half prices of bakery can be seen on pg 23.

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