Woolworths Catalogue Fresh Food Sale 1 – 7 Apr 2020

Woolworths Catalogue Fresh Food Sale 1 - 7 Apr 2020Compared to previous weeks of 2020, you might see a lot less deals in the fresh products in the newer catalogues of major supermarkets. It’s true there is a decline in the number of deals when you consider the Woolworths Catalogue and Coles Catalogue is not different. But this is all due to the pandemic. We hope this disaster will be gone soon. Still, you can save on products like raspberries, tomatoes, and more Aussie fresh produce items from the latest Woolworths specials. Cocktail tomatoes will cost $3.50. Check out the deals of Woolworths Catalogue Fresh Food Sale for 1 – 7 Apr today.

In the grocery part of this catalogue, you can check out prawns, barramundi fillets skin on, prawns, Streets paddle pop, Sara Lee, and more products. View the fresh seafood section of the catalogue to beware of the new savings. “Salmon fillets skin on” will cost $26 only.

There are snack deals on pg 15. Woolworths has new deals on Oreo cookies, Cadbury Twirl, Schweppes, and Pringles chips. With enough enjoyable food at home, you can spend days in it. You have your TV, smartphones, tablets, and a lot of books. Stay safe, enjoy shopping online. Visit stores as less as possible.


Fridge food and pantry:

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