Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 1 – 7 Jul 2020 | New Deals

New deals have arrived in a Woolworths Catalogue that has been published today. Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 1 - 7 Jul 2020 | New DealsPlenty of new half-price deals can be seen in it. Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 1 – 7 Jul has 4 different half prices on the first page. Save $8.50 on BabyLove Nappy Pants pk 22 – 38 and buy it for only half price. On the other hand, the Big night in competition goes on with more new participating items. See page 28 of the catalogue for details and products. Note that, this participating range is also a source of half-price deals. Woolworths specials is another part of the catalogue. A good demo of what kind of deals you can find in a typical Woolworths Catalogue can be seen on pg 5-6. Buy ice cream of Woolworths; vanilla bean 1L tub for only $5 which is a “low price always” deal. These are some of the half-price deals:

Learn new recipes with Woolies. They have the content of homemade foods like Lemon & zucchini bruschetta, eggs & zucchini rolls, etc. Winter is a very cozy season to stay at home and cook some hot meals. But salads are great alternatives for lunch time, too.

Woolworths Fresh Produce Sale

Check out Australian products in the fresh section of the new catalogue. Fresh fruits are juicy and delicious. More importantly, they are all Aussie-grown products and they have new low prices at Woolworths Catalogue grocery 1 – 7 Jul sale. Buy Aussie Amorette mandarins for only $4.90. You can also find a cake recipe or bread in the bakery section.Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 1 - 7 Jul 2020 | New Deals

½ prices:

Fresh seafood:

A new product is promoted on Woolworths Catalogue; Cottee’s. This new soda is a zero-sugar which means it’s almost zero calories. Three different flavours are highlighted.

Pantry Sale in Woolworths Catalogue

Shop Asian alternatives including sauces and low GI rice. Coffee, snacks, and packaged breakfast foods are also on sale in this aisle. Shop connoisseur ice cream tubs on pg 39. You have alternatives of all products at much lower costs.

Frozen Food and Ice Cream

Shop some quick foods and store them in your freezer. They might save your time and ice cream is a low-calorie companion as a snack for your TV time. Check out some of these half prices on pg 39-40.Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 1 - 7 Jul 2020 | New Deals

In this fridge food range of the catalogue, you may easily spot a good price of your favourite yoghurt brand; Chobani, too. Alternative ways to shop these deals might be useful for you. Check out Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 1 – 7 Jul sale for more products or prices.

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  1. This siteis usually great to read the catalogues but today all that happens is Dick Smith keeps popping up and it is really annoying please fix it

  2. I hate your catalogue online. It is TOO difficult to view. I can’t just turn the pages . Please make your catalogue online user friendly.

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