Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 15 – 21 Apr 2020

Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 15 - 21 Apr 2020New prices of red seedless grapes and half-price snack sale are in this Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 15 – 21 Apr sale. Today, you can find a customer notice and half-price deals on Bonds underwear in this catalogue. Woolies catalogues also contain regular COVID-19 updates in these troubled times. Since many people stay at home more than they ever did, home cooking recipes gain another kind of importance lately. For that reason, catalogues like Woolworths, Coles, and IGA may contain more recipes now.  Simple recipes may come in handy if you don’t like to order your food. Simple, low GI foods, healthy and delicious salads, dinner meals, bread recipes, and many more delightful ideas are in the recipe category of Woolworths. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and start receiving emails about Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 15 – 21 Apr 2020.

Browse the pantry section to find new prices of coffee, cereals, Nutella, breakfast foods, ice cream, and more. This week’s Woolworths Catalogue contains 38 pages and each page has something special to offer. Buy Pic’s peanut butter, Carman’s crunchy oat clusters, and more products at lower prices. Also, see these deals in the catalogue:

Woolworths Frozen Food and Yoghurt

Fill your fridge with delicious and sweet probiotic foods. Yoghurt is a delicious probiotic. Varieties like YoPro, Vaalia, Farmers Union Greek yogurt pouch, and more are in the catalogue’s fridge section. To see some popular brand ice cream products and new prices, see pg 12.

Woolworths Fresh Food, Bakery, and Meat

Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 15 - 21 Apr 2020New banana bread deal will be a thing at Woolworths this week. That purchase will also be a donation of $.50 to OzHarvest. See cinnamon donut and other pastry products in the bakery category of Woolworths today. You have deals on grapes, tomatoes, avocados, pumpkin, and more on pg 16-17. Meat and seafood products are also tempting deals. Awesome t-bone steak will cost $2 cheaper per kg.

Woolworths Pick Up and Community Pick Up Locations

Use Woolworths Pick Up service to shop. Woolworths is a very versatile retailer and not only groceries or regular products are available among its services but also you have access to insurance, rewards, gift cards, credit cards or mobile services. Furthermore, online products and shopping place of Woolies are very much useful in this time. With Woolworths Catalogue or online store of the brand, you are able to shop via pick up service. After you ordered what you need the only thing you need to do is to pick them up in stores of Woolworths. Now, Woolworths also offers community pick up locations. These locations are places where you can pick something on behalf of someone else. Through this method, you can shop bulky for your neighbors or your relatives. According to the Woolworths page, currently, 700 community pick up locations are available. There will also be 100 more pick up drive-thru locations. Moreover, with the Woolworths Pick Up service, you can get your groceries contactless.

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  1. I live in Kandos, did my shopping at Woolworths Mudgee today 16/04/2020 – bought Mersey Valley Original Cheese which was marked at $4.50, checked my docket when I got home & noted that I was charged $7.90, $3.40 above the price it was marked as. Thought I may have made a mistake, checked this site & found the special listed at $4.50. Don’t know what particulars you need, paid with my visa card 14:35 *** $82.77 also presented my rewards card ****
    Thank you.

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