Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 17 – 23 Jun 2020

Again, a lot of half prices are viewable in a Woolworths Catalogue. Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 17 - 23 Jun 2020The grocery part of the catalogue is quite interesting. Half-price savings, Big Night in participating products, snacks, and other products are pretty much the first two pages. Again, we come across with the recipes inevitably. New simple recipes by Woolworths supermarkets are vegetarian nachos, easy pad thai, quick chicken stir-fry, healthier butter chicken, and they have also desserts. For 5 months of my life, I was eating Indian food at least 3 times a week. All of them were vegan. I must say, the spices make your nose itchy sometimes. But are they not delicious. One of the best cuisines all around the world. Definitely in my top 5. But, they are not as healthy as they say. Being vegan doesn’t make a food healthier than a meat meal. They might use too much oil, too many carbs. So, when you are shifting to vegan foods, try to befriend with fibre-rich foods and dry foods like chickpeas. Check out some deals of Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 17 – 23 Jun:

Explore some new participating products of the Big Night in competition on pg 11-14.

Woolworths Fresh Produce – Meat – Seafood

Fresh range of Woolies is one of the essential sales for your regular shopping. Aussie products are again rocking all customers. Maybe the best fresh vegetables in the entire world. Steak, prawn, oysters, and more products seem to be on sale. Everything is better when they cost cheaper. Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 17 - 23 Jun 2020

Half-price deals are available in the deli-bakery aisle. Buy some fridge food from the deli dept. of Woolies. The catalogue guides you to the best deals including a half-price sale. Schnitzel, Golden Crumpet rounds, and more items.

Woolworths Breakfast Sale and Pantry Products

Tasty and classic breakfast food will be on sale this week. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to see some of the products that would already be in your shopping list. Woolworths Catalogue covers important ones like Nice & Natural wholeseed bars, Just Right cereal, and more. By the way, there are only few products with limits at Woolworths now. Shop some of these products in-store or online:

Frozen and Fridge Food

This part also has some half-price deals. Woolworths covers fridge food, ice cream, frozen fish, and the likes of them. There is even more recipes on that section of the catalogue. Try pumpkin, spinach & vegan ricotta pie this week. Few of the necessary ingredients are on sale, too.Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 17 - 23 Jun 2020

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