Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 20 – 26 May 2020

Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 20 - 26 MayShop Aussie-grown fresh fruits and vegetables in these catalogues. Seasonal fresh produce is always the best and when you find them locally grown, it’s a fantastic chance in my opinion. In a local supermarket, you might have a bigger chance but big retailers like Woolworths might be able to offer them at cheaper prices. Also, they are all produced on Australian farms. Bakery and deli products are cheaper, too. You can find cookies in the bakery dept. Dreamy Choc or Cranberry & White Choc Jumbo Cookie Varieties Pk 5 will cost $2. Woolworths deli department also offers quite a few deals. This week, you can browse the deals on ham, chicken thigh fillets, cheese, and more in the deli page. Visit pg 13 for those deals. You can also spot some nice deals in meat and seafood categories. A new deal there is Woolworths premium butcher-style sausage 500g that will cost $7. Some products from Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 20 – 26 May:

Woolworths Chobani Yoghurt Deal and More Fridge Food

Chobani yoghurts are probably the most popular yoghurts of this supermarket. They have so many different flavours and classic Greek yoghurt, too. That’s a half-price deal on half a dozen of yoghurts of Chobani on pg 20. Read about dinner ideas, too. Woolworths has really creative dinner meals that are from Italian cuisine or recipes of vegetable ingredients.Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 20 - 26 May

And more yoghurt or ice cream on the fridge & freezer range. Check out the latest deals on Bega cheese block, primo sliced meats, salmon parcels, and more on pg 27. Woolies offers a lot of half-price deals on breakfast cereals, too.

Woolworths Frozen Food Sale

The real snack section of the catalogue is the Big Night in competition participating items. But you can see some more deals on Gatorade, Loacker Quadritini and more products. The frozen food section covers ice cream obviously. They have ready meals like rolls, too. Hong Kong kitchen products, Golden Gaytime, Ho Mai spring rolls, pudding and more products will cost half at Woolies this week.Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 20 - 26 May

Find gluten-free and vegan products on pg 32. You can find vegan burgers, chickpeas, beans, and more products on pg 32. Olive oil, tomato sauce, pasta, and more products will help you cook a really nice meal. Browse them on pg 33.

Non-food part of the Woolworths Catalogue is also equally important and interesting. You’ll find some hot deals on kitchenware, home products, winter warmers, cosmetics, vitamins, half-price deals on personal care products, and more products.

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