Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 26 Jul – 1 Aug 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 26 Jul - 1 Aug 2017View the best products of Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 26 Jul – 1 Aug 2017 featuring mostly half prices, “prices dropped”, breakfast food, pantry, quick meals, fresh produce, deli, bakery, meat, seafood and best choices from each of these categories. Half prices on cover page of the catalogue are Omo laundry liquid, Nestle, Twinings tea bags, Red Rock deli chips. Woolworths prepared a good range for kids on pg 2-3. Yumi’s Dips, fruit drink varieties and Vanish Gold Oxi action are among the products on these pages. Cadbury large blocks and Golden circle juice are “prices dropped” range on pg 4. Another great sale of the catalogue is half prices of beverage and snacks on pg 5.

1/2 prices of snacks and beverage on pg 5;

Kinder Surprise will be only $1.70 this week. Save $.30 on this product. Cadbury chocolate products are also special deals for this week. Coke, Snickers, Mars and more products might be interesting for you. Cadbury drinking chocolate 400g is priced at $4 ea. Coca-Cola and Fanta can varieties 1/$16, 2/$31, 3/$45 (for the packs – 24x375mL). Cereals, Kellogg’s nutri-grain, Uncle Tobys, Nestle products are mostly on pg 8-9.

Make sweets for the whole family. Brown sugar, condensed milk and white wings products are available on pg 10. CSR brown sugar 1kg is only $3, and recipe of Rainbow choc chip cookies can be seen on pg 10. Half prices for pantry products are viewable on pg 11. Woolworths price for Moro extra virgin olive oil is $8.50 (save $6.50). And Heinz pouch soup is dropped price deal.

30% off All Barilla pasta variety that you can see on pg 12. Penne Rigate 385g is $1.35. Lasagne, Collezione, Pesto, Cannelloni and more products are available on pg 12-13. “Low price always” broccoli, sphagetti, popcorn butter, fish fillets, mozzarella shredded cheese and more on pg 13. Patties party pack is half priced. Papa Giuseppi’s crust pizza is $5 !

Find dairy and deli products on pg 16-17. Castello cheese is half priced. Shop for Chobani yogurt that is also priced at half. Gippsland dairy twist yogurt is a good deal as well. Latina fillet pasta, 625g, Mainland natural cheese slices, D’Orsogna deli fresh sliced meats are among these products. Check out fresh produce on pg 19. Poatoes, mandarins, oranges, and zucchini are available products after Wednesday. 100% Aussie strawberries are only $2.40 this week. Fresh cut meat, sausage, and many more products are possible to spot on winter roasts range.

Find excellent seafood sale on pg 22. You can reach the half prices of some bakery products on pg 23 as well. Low Price always for delicious bakery products on pg 23.

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