Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 29 Jul – 4 Aug 2020

Woolies offer the top solutions for your grocery shopping and saving this week.Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 29 Jul - 4 Aug 2020 You’ll find a lot of new deals on the catalogue. Save half on some products on the first two pages. Dairy Farmers thick & creamy yogurt is one of the half-price deals on the first page. Dove, Primo, Doritos, Aussie Strawberries, and more products are also in the same section. Woolworths Catalogue grocery 29 Jul sale promotes online shopping. Get your everyday rewards card for an enlarged world of savings. Once you have the card, you can access the exclusive app-only offers. Go to this page to learn details. Woolworths mobile and insurance services are also on sale. Save $50 off Galaxy A71 phone plan and save up to 15% off Woolworths car insurance.

Check out these products from Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 29 Jul – 4 Aug:

Woolworths Half-Price Pantry Sale

Buy sauces, oil, tomato sauce, and other simple things to cook something for dinner. You have the top deals on the Woolworths Catalogue. Frozen mixed vegetables, garlic bread, and more products are also on sale.

Woolworths Fresh Food Deals, Meat, Seafood, Bakery

Fresh products are all in these categories. A fine cut of your favorite type of meat, salmon fillet, or banana bread. All the fresh and delicious foods are available on sale at Woolies this week.

Check out more of the deli & bakery on pg 27-28.

Woolworths Fridge Food Sale

Buy yogurt and cheese in this category. Again, some popular products are going to cost half. Finding something cold to eat instead of snacks in the nights is healthier. Try to go with some yogurt instead of potato chips.

Frozen Food and Pantry

Buy your basics of dinner here. Ice cream is also in this part. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream 458mL will cost only $9. Ice cream sticks, plated meals, chicken fingers, and more products are going to be in the content of the Woolworths Catalogue.

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