Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 3 – 9 Jun 2020

Big Night in event continues to with offering chances to earn valuable prizes. Shop snacks of the participating category to be able to get a chance. These prizes will be valued at up to $8000. On the first page of the catalogue, you can see two participating items. That page also contains half-price deals on some items. Buy Rexona advanced antiperspirant deodorant 220mL for only $3.75 and save half this week. Like all grocery sales, this catalogue covers fresh fruits and meat, too. Shop Aussie products like mandarins and exclusive deals in that range. Schweppes, Twinings English Breakfast tea, and more deals also appear on the same part of the catalogue.

Some of those ½ prices:

A sort of summary of the content of this catalogue with the highlights on important sales is possible to see on pg 3-4. Some nice deals are also being highlighted. Your next online shop with code SAVE10 will be $10 off. Back to school sale is a popular category, too. Don’t forget to check Fresh specials, the perks of using the app, and dinner ideas, too.

Woolworths Recipes

Simple meal recipes of Woolies have always been interesting even if you don’t like to cook. Desserts, puddings, Italian cuisine, and more ideas for tonight’s dinner might be seen in the recipe page of Woolworths.

Woolworths Back to School Sale This Week – Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 3 – 9 Jun

Starting on Wednesday, you can save on back to school snacks, quick and healthy breakfast products, cereals, nutritional bars, milk, and similar items. All of them will be in stores of Woolworths and online shop. Recipes for lunch for kids might also inspire you. Check out no cook strawberry bars, nugget wraps, quesadilla, and more recipes at Woolies. If you are new to shopping groceries online, it’s not a problem at all. A quick guide will lead you to the best ideas. Go to pg 15-16 to learn how to use Woolworths online shop.

Big Night In Prize – Participating Items

Some more of the participating range is being promoted on pg 17-18 of the catalogue. These are snacks with half prices. You can find water, ice tea, biscuits, and similar sort of snacks. Woolies is a good place to shop healthy snacks as well.

Fresh Produce, Meat, Seafood, Deli-Bakery

Fresh products and in-store made bakery products are in this category. Most of the fresh produce of Woolworths is Aussie products. You can find common fresh foods and also tropical fruits at this supermarket. If you like meat and seafood, pg 25-26 is your place to save. Chicken is also a product to find in this fresh category. Steggles family roast whole chicken will cost only $2.90.

Woolworths Frozen Food and Ice Cream

In the end of the grocery sale, it’s usually the ice cream and frozen sale. They have deals on Magnum, sticks, ready frozen meals, yogurt, and more cold foods there. If you stock-up some of these in your freezer, you’ll have access to some delicious foods whenever you want at home.

In the party and snack category, you can see more participating products. Most of these items are also half-price deals.

Pantry Sale – Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 3 – 9 Jun

More half prices are in the pantry aisle. Pasta, sauces, olive oil, and other products to be the ingredients of your meal. Continental pasta & sauce 145-190g will cost only $1.50 ea. Many more products are also in the category.