Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 2 – 8 August 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Grocery 2 - 8 August 2017This catalogue of Woolworths has wide range of grocery products from pantry to snacks. You’ll be able to shop for half prices, special discounts and bulky buys with the online deals of Woolies as usual. Prices of many products were dropped significantly. I predict that the catalogue is able to provide what you need for the whole week in terms of grocery and fresh produce. 4 different products are half prices and they are viewable on cover page. NSW blueberries is another deal on the same page.

Earn & Learn; you can earn one sticker when you shop equal to $10 at Woolworths. Complete a sticker sheet, drop the sheet in collection box at your school. Check out half prices of Real iced tea, Sakata rice crackers, Arnott’s teevee and more products.

1/2 prices;

This catalogue is a great source of deals. Hunt for great deals on new online sales preview of the Woolies. Schweppes mineral water, Lindt excellence block are new products at Woolworths. Lindt’s new flavor offers you high percentage of dark chocolate. Taste these two great products. Lemon&Lime, Orange & mango, blood orange & passionfruit are new flavors of Schweppes. A lot of half prices in pantry shelf. Check out oil, simmer sauce, canned tuna fish at half prices on pg 10. New products from pantry are available on pg 8. Gluten free cookie, corn chip varieties, shelby’s bar varieties are new products. Check out introductory prices of these items. SPC baked or sphagetti 4x200g is priced at $3 (save $1.20) that’s one of the biggest savings. Similarly, Marion’s kitchen Asian meal kit 370-475g is another good deal as well.

1/2 prices;

Chobani yogurt, Lurpark spreadable, cracker barrel, garnished hommus and many more products are in the range of Woolworths. Low price always dairy products can be found on pg 13. Philedelphia cream cheese 250g is only $4. Oak flavoured milk is on sale and one of the big deals on pg 12 is Dairy farmers yoghurt that will be half price after Wednesday. Greek or Danish style fetta cheese and other cheese variety is what you explore on pg 14. Discover more grocery deals. If you spend $1 that will be equal to 1 point at Woolworths.

From frozen shelf of Woolies;

Fresh produce, packaged vegetables, seasonal fresh food and many more products are possible to find on the new catalogue preview. 100% Aussie products are on pg 20-21. Meat sale is available on pg 22 and seafood variety is available with awesome deals on pg 23. Outstanding list of deli-bakery range could be your primary source of taste. View these products on pg 24-25. Starting on pg 26, you will be able to browse household products and health care items.

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