Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Deals 24 – 30 Oct 2018

Nutri-Grain, Special K, and Plus cereals are good breakfast deals from Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Deals Oct 24 – 30, 2018. Find Capilano Australian honey twist and squeeze for only $5 at Woolworths stores. Uncle Tobys muesli bars will cost $5. Pay $7 for Nutella hazelnut spread. This kind of products are featured items on pg 12-13. Nestle Milo, Lavazza coffee beans or ground Nescafe Gold, original coffee are on sale. Prices of Liddells lactose-free long-life milk and Sun Rice Mini Bites have been dropped. Moro olive oil is one of the classic items of pantry parts of all Woolworths Catalogues. Find a deal on that product on pg 14. Heinz Beanz, Golden Circle beetroot, Old El Paso chips, SPC fruit are half-price deals.

You may find frozen meals, ice cream, frozen potatoes, and pizza on pg 16-17. Fridge food like dairy products including Dairy farmers thick creamy yoghurt are featured items on pg 18-19. Resupply your needs of delicious grocery products with the low prices of Woolworths. 2L Farmers’ Own milk varieties is only $3 in this sale. For healthy, Aussie fresh fruits, please check out the pg 20-21. Aussie broccoli, avocados, sweet Solanato tomatoes, seedless watermelon, and more are tasty refreshment of the week.

Check out half-price deals on breakfast and pantry:

Frozen food deals and ice cream :

New products of meat dept. and seasonal seafood products of the Spring are available on pg 22-23. T-bone steak is only $22! Save $2/kg. Spring food from deli can be browsed on pg 24-25. That category covers deals like The Juice Brothers, Dodoni Greek Feta, Mersey Valley cheese, La Casa mascarpone and more.

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