Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Food 10 – 16 Oct 2018

Get the best coffee products from Nescafe, Moccona Cappucino, Vittoria Espresso coffee beans and more products are featured. BelVita soft bakes is a nice choice for quick breakfast and it’s good to have it in my stock. It also matches the coffee perfectly particularly in the mornings. Half-price deal on that product. More half prices for pantry products on pg 11. The lucky almond meal, veg oil and more. 420g of Sharwood’s simmer sauce costs $2 at Woolies. New products with introductory prices at Woolworths. Ice bars and sugar free-zies are only at Woolworths. Also, find Moro extra virgin olive oil which is only $9. Olive oil is an important figure of all pantry sales from Woolworths Catalogues. It’s the healthiest oil in your meal. Mediterranean people love to have it in all meals. Everything is consumed with olive oil. Especially, the fresh vegetables. Tomatoes, olive, cucumber, pepper, and many more. Woolworths has a fruit & veg sale on pg 14-15. Find 100% Aussie products there. Carrots, tomatoes, avocados, orange, grapes, broccoli, all are Australian grown. That fantastic sale offers a unique experience of shopping for those who like to have their stuff at fair prices. Don’t forget to see Spring entertaining food with a lot of new items. Visit pg 16 for the new products.

Half-price deals on Woolworths Catalogue pantry:

In the Spring food sale, find seafood products like salmon, prawns, lobster tails, garlic prawns and more. Tassal TAS Atlantic salmon skin on will cost only $10/ea. Find even a bigger sale in new products on pg 18. They have introductory prices of shredded chicken breast and overly roasted Australian chicken breast. Funky fields minced meat is a $1 saving. It’s only at Woolworths like the plant-based burger. That’s a vegetarian burger for a nice price.

Packaged food and Freezer deals:

A Halloween sale is also available in the catalogue. Visit pg 24 for costumes, Hulk mask, toys, and spooky gifts and accessories.