Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 10 – 16 Jul 2019

Gluten-free products, new lower prices of the latest Woolworths Catalogue, special rewards like prizes of two different packs are browsable today. Restock your favourite coffee, browse half-price deals today. The prices are valid starting on Wednesday. Make a classic pasta with bolognese or sweet-sour pasta sauces from the pantry category of this Woolies Catalogue. Buy Dolmio pasta sauce for $1.65 to save half. Also, canned goods including Heinz Beanz are in the half-price sale in the catalogue. You can fill your pantry with some nice brands of coffee, too. Buy L’Or capsules of 10-pack for only $4.50! Save $1.50 on that product. Hot black coffee in the mornings of winter is your need to boost up your energy in the mornings. Do your groceries buying the best coffee at Woolworths. Also, consider restocking breakfast foods such as protein-rich seed bars. Nice & Natural whole seed bars will cost only $2.50 and you save half on that product. More like that is in the breakfast-pantry in the catalogue.


½ price deals from the pantry range:

Woolworths Pantry and Frozen Products

If you are allergic to Gluten, you might want to strike a good deal on G-free products such as banana bread, brownie slice, apple pie, etc. These are available products on pg 12-13. Buy Gluten-free Old El Paso Tortilla for only $4! Find new products, too. For example, $5 is the introductory price of Unreal Co 100% plant-based chick’n schnitzel. Also, find Magnum ice cream, Reese’s, Golden Gaytime, and more ice cream products in the freezer category. Save on more essentials like frozen meals. Save time and money with the frozen packs. Pepe’s frozen whole duck 1.7kg will cost half this week.

½ prices:

Stock up some Greek yoghurt, parmesan, and Bega cheese blocks for lower prices at Woolies. You have discounts on Big Night In offers in the fridge sale. Buy Mojo Kombucha for $4. Italian cheese variety of Perfect Italiano is exclusive items.

Easy dinner recipes are a page of woolworths.com.au. Find a recipe with ingredients that are promotional deals on Woolworths Catalogue 10 -1 6 Jul. Beef & mushroom ragout will take only 30 min. Ingredients are available on pg 19. Find more products of Mexican food and classic pasta essentials.

½ prices:

Woolworths Fresh Food, Seafood, Meat, and Deli

All products are Aussie in the fresh grocery by Woolworths Catalogue 10 – 16 July. See the mandarins, berries, tomatoes, and more items on pg 20-21. Aussie blueberries will cost $3.50 only. Check out seafood and fresh meat with “low price always” deals and regular savings. Buy Tassal fresh tassie salmon skin-on 260g for only $10 on Wednesday. Shop Woolworths deli and restock olives, salami, frozen pizza, and bratwurst on pg 24-25.

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