Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 13 – 19 Mar 2019

A part of the Woolworths Catalogue grocery sale is about quick meals and the other showcases the food to make your own dinner. Vegetables, pantry products, rice, pasta, and more are available in the grocery and pantry shelves of Woolworths. Everything is on sale on the catalogue. Moreover, you will also see gluten-free foods such as dairy-free chocolate cheesecake, apple pie, gluten chocolate cake, Anzac biscuits, and more. Check out the half-price deals on Barilla pasta sauce, Uncle Ben’s microwaveable rice, and more items on pg 13.
Visit the fresh produce section of the catalogue for red grapes, raspberries, nectarines, and brushed potatoes. Roasted & Salted pistachios of a 400g pack are only $8! Prices dropped this week for pre-packed salad varieties, classic meals, beef bolar blade roast, beef lasagne on pg 16-17. This is the part where you can cook amazing meals for dinner or lunch. Also, great seafood offers are waiting for all customers on the catalogue. Check out bag & bake sale offering Aussie tiger prawns, thawed large green Aussie banana prawns, and more.
Buy Anzac biscuits for half price at Woolies. Hot Cross Bun varieties, and variety of the buns are also available in the bakery sale on pg 19. Seafood for Lent is an interesting part of the catalogue. Packaged seafood range is an alternative food for everyone who wants to join the religious activities in March and April. The price of Streets Paddle pop is $2 cheaper this week. Get Sara Lee ice cream of 1L tub for $6 to save $3. Superfries of McCain and Ingham’s frozen chicken breast tenders are in the “prices dropped” category.

½ prices and more good deals from the catalogue:

More deals from the catalogue:

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