Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 19 – 26 Dec 2018

Most people stock up snacks and soda packs in Christmas week. Get your needs ready for the gatherings and the whole family if you want to celebrate. I must remind that a great range of deals on many grocery, frozen food, pantry, drinks, baking products are available among the products of Woolworths Catalogue Christmas 19 – 26 Dec Sale. 

Devondale block butter, Pauls premium custard, Pantalica Mascapone, Coon cheese slices are nice products from fridge shelf of Woolies on pg 19. You should also see the half-price deals on 4 products on pg 20-21. That’s the place where you can find “low price always” and “prices dropped” discounts on 6 items. Restock your easy meals and packaged foods there. Ingham’s, McCain, Haagen Dazs and more ice cream brands, Patties are among the brands and products you will find there. Ho Mai entertainer pack or cocktail spring rolls might be in your inventory for the lower prices by Woolworths. Find snacks like chips and pantry products like tasty cheese cubes on pg 22-23. Christmas confectionery is one of the important categories of the catalogue. Check out half prices on pg 24. 

Snacks, Chips, and more: 

Christmas Confectionery: 

Soda, drinks and more: 

Find more products for breakfast and lunch on Woolworths Catalogue pg 26-27. The best of the coffee, tea, biscuits and Christmas baking products are among the deals. You can follow us on Facebook page to get instant updates and posts like this one. A new catalogue is posted there as soon as it’s updated here. 

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