Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 20 – 26 Feb 2019

Buy pantry products at lower prices by Woolies. Regular weekly products including vegetable oil, Kellogg’s nutri-grain, Be Natural cereal, Nutella hazelnut spread are available on pg 10-11. Woolworths Catalogue shows the best prices of the week for all these items. If you like great breakfast mornings, check out those pancake shake which is a practical and time-saving product for pancake lovers. I love sweet breakfast but sugar is really addictive. Glucose is probably the main food of brain but the body quickly digests sugar and turns it into fat. If you consume a lot of carbohydrates, which are basically sugar, you will gain belly fat in a short time. In contrast, I recommend you to products that stimulates your tongue to taste sweetness. This is a trick of sugarless products like Coca-Cola zero, Bega no added sugar or salt peanut butter, and more like these. Find the price drops on Bega and more sugarless products on pg 10-11.

Shop pantry and bakery products that are on sale. Visit pg 12-13 for discounts on Mexican food. Nothing beats traditional tastes from the lands where food is so developed. Mexica is surely one of the heavens for food. Save on seasoning, Mexico kits, Mexico sauces of One Night In. All three products are half-price discounts. Woolworths Catalogue shows new prices of iced finger buns, Anzac biscuits, and cookies in the bakery section.

Find seedless grapes, brushed potatoes, asparagus, Aussie tomatoes, and more healthy fresh products. Deli and seafood range is also one of the major categories from the new catalogue. Browse tiger prawns, green king prawns, seafood salad, and more tastes from the sea and ocean. Mix and match sale of the meat covers 4 products. You can mix 3 of them to pay only $17. Check these out on pg 19.

Make a great pasta with these products: