Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 20 – 26 Mar 2019

Get your olive and vegetable oil at Woolworths for half price this week. Bertolli Extra Virgin olive oil of 750mL bottle will cost only $6.50 which is a half price. A rich variety in your pantry will make you feel comfortable when you want to cook something. It may be an unnecessary waste of time to go shopping every time you want to make a delicious meal. Stock up your pantry products so that you will have the ingredients in your inventory whenever you need them. Shop for the half prices by Woolies. Visit pg 10-11 for noodles, sauce, pasta, and more are available. Liddells lactose-free long life milk, Nestle Milo, and other breakfast foods are also possible to buy at a lower price. Shop fresh fruits at Woolies this week. Avocado, Royal Gala, seedless, Mushrooms, Yellow Peaches are a source of vitamin and healthy nutrition.
Beef mince, Old El Paso spice mix, taco shells are half-price or discount products. Easy meals are the best things in the pantry and meat range of Woolworths. Combo sales are available. Woolworths Hokkien noodles, teriyaki sauces, and meat are in the combo deal. Find bonus tiles participating items of deli department. Salami, leg ham, tasty sticks, kebab varieties are on sale. Hot Cross Buns from the bakery dept. will cost only $3.50 pk at Woolworths.


In March-April people go for the Lenten seafood products. In Woolworths, it’s not different than other stores but greater deals are available. Find shrimp, prawns, salmon fillet, and more packaged seafood products in the seafood dept. View these items on pg 19-20.

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