Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 24 – 30 Apr 2019

Browse all products of Woolworths Catalogue with the currently browsable pages. Digital sources like Woolworths Catalogues are great lookbooks to find a great discount. Pantry sales are a part of the catalogue where you can find the replenish of your foods. Make Asian foods or great pasta that is never a bad meal for dinner or lunch. If you are on a diet and exercising to build some muscles, pasta is a great source of a quick boost of carb. Your body needs instant glucose in your blood not to destroy the muscle bonds. If it is unable to find the necessary energy of glucose it will directly go to muscles to convert the proteins to glucose. You don’t want to lose muscles because you want to get in shape. Alternatively, Basmati rice is a great carb, too. One of my friends who are very into academic articles about sports and exercising use only basmati rice because of its glycemic index. Low GI is better for exercising because it will be digested for a longer time. Quickly digested carbs will go to your belly turning into fat. Avoid fast foods that contain a lot of sugar or those with high GI.

Check out these half-price deals from the pantry sale:

NEW sweet fridge foods and packaged-food variety are available on pg 14. Shop Messy Monkeys bars, Green’s Cake, Noshu Baking Mixes, and more items there. They will be available with their introductory prices which are available on pg 14. Buy more quick foods like frozen pizza. Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza is gonna cost only $5. Save $2.50 on this popular pizza. Buy products with dropped prices. For example, Papa Giuseppi’s bakehouse crust pizza which is only $6.50 starting on 24 Apr.

Dairy items, fresh fruits, yogurt, seafood, and fresh-cut meat offers are available on pg 18-23. Shop for tasty bakery products and deli meat. Buy KR Castlemania Hungarian Salami for $20/kg. Castello creamy blue or double cream brie of 300g pack is $8 at Woolworths this week.

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