Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 26 Jun – 2 Jul 2019

First of all, you should know that Big Night In the event for a chance to win one of the prize packs at Woolworths still goes on. You have half-price products of the Big Night In snacks on pg 1-7. In the grocery section of the Woolworths Catalogue, you can browse new items of coffee, particularly, the Nescafe Blend 43, and Gold. They are available with introductory prices.

Woolworths Catalogue Deals 26 Jun – 2 Jul

Read about the popular products, new items with introductory prices, pantry, meat, fresh food, Aussie products, and profitable trade with Woolworths below.

Woolworths Pantry Sale

A large portion of the catalogue range includes pantry products like Moccona coffee, Lavazza coffee beans, mac and cheese, etc. Half-price deals are much possible to spot on every page of the pantry category. Buy new Barilla legumes pasta for $3.50. Classic tasty breakfast foods like Nutri-Grain, Vegemite, Nutella, and more are also in the pantry category. Buy the ingredients to make a great dinner or lunch meal from Woolworths Catalogue pantry category. The recipe for Mexican Chicken rice with the promotional half-price deal of Campbell’s Real Stock is readable on pg 12. Also, save $3 per litre of Moro olive oil in the aisle of pantry products.

More half prices from the pantry:

Woolworths Frozen Foods and Fresh Produce

One of the important things about the fresh range of Woolies is that Aussie products are the majority of it. This week, you can buy pink lady apples, tomatoes, imperial mandarins, corn, and more items on pg 18-19. Browse a range of packaged foods in the freezer section. Fish, vegetables, practical foods, and ice cream variety are available on pg 14-15.

Find simple dinner recipes on Woolworths.com. Lots of recipes that take only 20-30 mins. are ready for you. Plus, you will get the ingredients for cheaper prices on the same page with the recipes. Woolies catalogue has two recipes promotional on pg 21. Make quick dumpling soup and simple lamb rogan josh with the ingredients you can find on the same page. Rice, baby beans, diced lamb meat are all on sale.

More bakery and deli products, fresh products, and recipes are available in the catalogue. See two more recipes for ham & vegetable risotto and mozzarella spinach dip in a cob loaf. Discover a cheese variety including Frico Maasdam sliced/shaved on deli page. Buy exclusive D’Orsogna ham on the same page. Nothing beats hot home meals. They keep you healthy, taste good, easy to eat, and of course, they are always delicious. Woolworths hearty soup varieties remind of hot homemade meals.

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