Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 27 Feb – 5 Mar 2019

Shop your weekly grocery needs for the prices from Woolworths Catalogues. Woolies offers great pantry deals such as John West and Paramount pink salmon, Nestle baking chocolate bits, and more on pg 11. Learn new recipes of pancake. Healthy pancake, kids’ pancakes and amazing deals on pancake products like syrup, mix, free range eggs. Visit pg 12-13 for the recipes and those products. If you prefer gluten-free carbohydrates or pantry food, please check out pg 14-15 for a nice product range with price drops. Kellogg’s Special K gluten-free 330g is only $5.50! Macro Falafel mix, rice cakes, brownie mix, Scotch fingers biscuits are all gluten-free products.

Woolworths has half-price deals on Monini olive oil, Old El Paso chips, and more products in pantry and bakery range on pg 16&17. Find bonus tile products to earn great characters. One of the bonus tile products is Wonder White fibre wrap. Buns, cupcakes, mini pastry are on sale. Find combo deals, weekly savings on seafood and meat. Go to pg 20-21 for a nice range of salmon, prawns, lamb chops, beef rump steak, beak & sons sausage, and more on pg 20-21.

Seafood and meat:

Find deli products like chicken breast and ham on pg 23. Prepacked salad variety, bocconcini, Hungarian salami, and more are in the Italian dairy food and deli range on pg 22-23. The finest of these products are brought to you by Woolworths Catalogue. Australian dairy products are available on pg 24. A nice thing has been done by Woolworths. They increased the price of per litre of milk by 10 cents and that extra price is going to support Australian dairy farmers. That’s a constructive move by this retailer, it can help improve the quality and maintenance of the current farms all over the country. Check out this campaign on pg 24.

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