Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 28 Nov – 4 Dec 2018 | Christmas

Collect all pop-outs at Woolworths. New Christmas deals are available in the catalogue. Get 30% discount on Christmas hanging decorations. Christmas lights are also on sale. You can discover all the deals on these products on pg 8-9. Gifts are featured items of pg 10-11 and toys are mainly what you can find. Plush dolls, favourite characters of kids, dolls, Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes, Cadbury and more. Earn bonus points with gift card purchases. Earn 2000 bonus points on $50 gift cards and 4000 points on $100 gift cards.

Fine coffee products and a coffee maker are available on pg 15. Renew your stocks or get a new coffee type to refresh in the mornings better. A nice coffee would increase your happiness level by at least %5-10. If you are not angry. But improve your life a little bit more trying a new recipe. Easy traditional Christmas cake recipe is available on pg 14. Find ingredients, too.

Two more recipes for sweets of Christmas are available on pg 17. Use Cadbury baking chocolate and Sunbeam sultanas to make those recipes happen. Check out the price drops in chicken selection on pg 18. Find a whole turkey priced at $7. Woolworths Pavlova base, Passionfruit pulp in syrup, frozen fruit pack, thickened cream and more products to be used in sweets can be helpful items in Christmas season.

Christmas food:

Frozen food including ice cream, frozen meals, and vegetables are great food products from the grocery range of Woolworths. See them on pg 20-21.

½ prices:

You can pre-order platters to pick up later. Some of the deli products on pg 28 are only at Woolworths. Bertocchi Sopressa Salami with fennel is one of them. Chicken garlic Kiev, Tasmanian Heritage Brie or Camembert cheese are at half-price.

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