Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 30 Jan – 5 Feb 2019

Renew your coffee stocks, pay only half for Nestle Milo, check out breakfast and snacks on pg 12-15. Woolworths Catalogue also has a place for people who celebrate the lunar new year. Chang’s fried noodles, Pearl River Bridge soy sauce, Hakubaku organic noodles, Lee Kum Kee Ready sauces and more are celebration foods that are on sale at Woolworths. Half-price deals on products like Mr Chen’s Yum Cha and more can also be seen on this part of the catalogue. Another part of the Woolworths Catalogue is a fridge or frozen food sale. Visit pg 18 for YoPro yoghurt pot, Kraft Singles, Flora Pro-Activ, Remedy Kombucha, Bega Stringers and more. Jalna Greek yoghurt is only $5 for its 1kg tub. New products with introductory prices are on this catalogue. Some of them are exclusive deals to Woolworths. Peters Billabong or Barney Banana is only at Woolworths. McCain pizza slices of 600g will cost only $5 this week at Woolies. Get your vitamins and minerals through natural fruits and healthy ways. Woolworths’ special fruits category can offer you great products of the Aussie farms. Aussie nectarines, blueberries and more are available on pg 24-25. Fresh medium Aussie crystal bay banana prawns, salmon fillets, and more seafood deals are on pg 26. The deals on fresh meat, packaged lasagne, lamb forequarter chops, Australia beef rump steak, and others are interesting discounts by Woolworths.

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