Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 8 – 14 May 2019

Have your breakfasts with healthy and nutritional foods. You don’t need to have a big breakfast with a lot of unhealthy processed meat or sugary foods. Surely, everyone loves hazelnut spread, but if you are gonna have it, have the best one. Nutella family pack is only $10 and Vegemite reduced salt will be $4.20! Earn & learn stickers will be yours when you purchase products like Jordans crispy clusters. Most of them are half-price deals. See more breakfast foods there on pg 11.
Snacks are on sale at Woolies this week. KitKat, Sunbites, Peckish, Lindt Excellence, Lindor are the chocolates and snacks to find on pg 12. Coca-Cola is on sale at Woolies. Shop classic coke or no sugar variety for only $5.10 to save $2.60. More soft beverage and soda packs are available in that category.
Find practical foods like vegan-friendly favourites. macro sweet potato powder, yeast flakes, and organic diced tomatoes are possible vegan foods there. Pana Organic foods will also be in that category of Woolworths Catalogue.

See these products and savings:

Pantry sale with half prices:

Frozen foods including ice cream are your favourites like Peters Drumstick, Maxibon, Reese’s. As Winter has come and gone, apparently, you might not need so many types of ice cream. But Woolies offers a great range of packaged meals at half prices. By the way, winter has gone with making no sense. In recent years, protein-rich foods that are either conventional or local, are really popular because people understood the importance of the quality of food. Protein is the most valuable food source and it is the main food of construction of muscles. You’ll be able to purchase YoPRO protein yoghurt for only $1.50 and save $.75!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with fantastic seafood. Ocean Blue smoked salmon of the 300g pack is gonna cost only $12.50! Try the deli meat, sausage variety, marinated beef meat, on pg 25-26-27. Eggs are so good with deli meat. Make a Flamenco egg with Spanish Serrano. Read the recipe on pg 26.

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