Woolworths Catalogue Half-Price Home Products


Apparels, pet products, household supplies, health and beauty and pharmacy are pretty much the last 10 pages of the latest Woolworths Catalogue. Since most customers only look for certain deals like half-price items I thought it would be useful to share these products in as single post.

Gift cards can be a good idea for Mother’s Day. You can also find bonus points with these purchases. Visit pg 26 for these deals. Buy gift cards for Event Cinemas, RedBalloon and more. Cookbooks, and more gift cards are also on the same page. Moreover, half-price deals on mobile phones and underwear will be also available at Woolies. For example, Heidi Klum hipsters for ladies will be one of these.

Also, cleaning products such as Vanish gold, Comfort fabric conditioner, Jif cream cleanser are important items of the catalogue. I would also see the 40% off cosmetic brands in-store. Alternatively, visit the online shop of Woolworths and make your order online.

Only half-price deals:



Cleaning Products:

Blackmores vitamins and pills, beauty products, personal care for bathroom and more are also on sale. Oral B, Palmolive and more leading brands are present in this aisle.

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