Woolworths Catalogue Half-Price Listerine Deal Dec 2019

If you visit pg 34-35 of the latest Woolworths Catalogue you might find half-price Listerine deal and more Woolworths wellness, personal care, and home products. Resupply your needs from these categories at an affordable price by using online sources like the catalogues of this store. Alternatively, you can seek deals on the online pages of these categories. However, they usually collect the top deals of the week in the catalogues for an easy view and browsing system. This week’s sale includes a new half-price deal on Pantene, Listerine, Philips Sonicare gum health power toothbrush. Find interesting discounts on the same page.

Also, some baby care items are being promoted there. For example, you can buy Nestlé Nan optipro baby formula 800g for $13.50 which is a $3.50 cheaper price. Similar deals also appear on the latter pages. With enough deals, research, and a shopping list, save as much as you can at this supermarket. Pet supplies and household cleaning products are sales worth seeing today. In fact, some of them are probably the first things some shoppers would like to see. Chemical cleaning supplies are not always cheap. We consume them quickly. Check out what Woolworths sells from that category at half prices until 17 Dec:

Half-Price Listerine deal and more from the body care category:

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