Woolworths Catalogue Half Prices 13 – 19 June 2018

Arnott’s Tim Tam, Pringles and Skittles are half-priced items on the first page of Woolworths Catalogue 13 – 19 June. Aussie Hass Avocados will be on sale for only $2! Greenseas tuna, vegetable oil, Green’s puddings, Patak’s simmer sauce and more products will be at half prices.
Nescafe Blend 43, Vittoria Mountain coffee and more coffee variety can be purchased at Woolies. Coke, Maltesers, M&M’s, Smith’s chips and more snacks perfect for game nights. Kettle chips, Gatorade, V Energy drink among the snacks you might want to take a look. Price drops on Cadbury dairy milk, Arnott’s products and more on pg 8-9. You can easily see that price drops on Oreo cookies and Smith’s chips on pg 8.

Plenty of half prices for the game snacks:

More half price deals can be seen in the category of pantry products. Some favourite products like easy chicken meals, simple packaged food and dinner ideas are available at half the regular prices at Woolies.

People love dairy products and they are right to do so. Chobani flip, Greek yoghurt from different popular brands and Bega block cheese of your favourite style are all on the shelves of milk derivative. The real taste of cheese and refreshment coming from the protein source. Get your probiotics and defend your gut against the tiring bacteria. Powerful nutrition for breakfast and any time of the day.

Aussie grown orange, broccoli, hass avocado and brushed potatoes are promoted products in the fresh grocery shelf. Find even more products like apples, pears, kent pumpkin at lowered values. Also, Woolworths Catalogue showcases the meat prices of this week. A dinner idea on pg 22. Meat including lamb forequarter chops, thin sausages, beef porterhouse steak and more on sale. You can also find seafood range that covers prawns, hoki, shrimp and a variety of these products.

Some tasty stuff from the bakery are on sale:

An absolutely sophisticated range of cheese and deli products including delicious ham and kebab chicken. A new recipe and beautiful dairy products are available in that part of the catalogue. Also, see Aldi Catalogue for the British snacks. 

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