Woolworths Catalogue Halloween 25 – 31 October, 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Halloween 25 - 31 October, 2017This is the place where you can browse Woolworths Catalogue Halloween 25 – 31 October, 2017 which contains Freddo, KitKat, Mars, Cadbury, and more brands, decoration for Halloween and recipes. You will find deals of “prices dropped”, half prices of snacks, “low price always” exclusive prices and more. Shop fresh products, meat, deli, cleaning & pet, household products, health and more are also in the range of Woolies. Online products are cheaper than in-store products in general. This also applies for groceries. The supermarket sales of the like-class stores can be found among the review posts.

Make your shopping lists for Halloween products. Costumes, hats, masks, mixture of candies.

All the candies including Mars, Milky Way, Caramello Koala, Freddo, Dairy Milk and Kitkat are half priced this week. Cadbury Favourites are also on pg 4. You can get it for half price. Recipe of trick or treat slime cake is readable on pg 5. You can simply find the ingredients for that recipe. Shop “prices dropped” on the same page. Oreo cookies, Pepsi max, Twisties, Arnott’s and more products.

Prices of cleaning products like Vanish, Surf, MyDog, Optimum, Pedigree, Raid on pg 8-9. CC’s, Frantelle Spring water are half priced snacks.

1/2 prices:

Shop ice cream, frozen food, packaged quick meals, and special products that will save your time. McCain pizza, Lean Cuisine rich beef lasagne and similar products in the shelves of Woolies are waiting for customers. See the prices of these products on pg 16. Prices of Ingham’s chicken breast chippies and Asiana spring rolls were dropped for the next week. Deals will be valid after Wednesday.

1/2 prices:

Prices dropped for Woolworths Croissants, Chocolate, White or Caramel mud cake, Menissez bake at home rolls, Wonder White bread, Pane Di Casa on pg 19. Aussie carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, lady apples, on pg 20-21 where fresh produce sale of Woolworths can be seen. Check out meat, seafood, sausages, beef and more on pg 22-23. Deli products including whole chicken, corned beef, tasty sticks, cheese variety, cheese varieties, chicken thigh fillets.

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