Woolworths Catalogue Halloween Snacks 24 – 30 Oct 2018

M&M’s, Maltesers, Dairy milk caramello koala, Cadbury flake and more candy bags are at half price at Woolworths Stores. Check out this Woolworths Catalogue to see discounts on Kettle chips, Pepsi Max, The Natural Confectionery Co. candies and more on the first page. Prepare Scary Halloween monster slice with the recipe on pg 2. Betty Crocker baking mixes, Nestle condensed milk, Nestle chocolate melts and treats for Halloween on pg 2. Chupa Chups faces flat lollipops is a new product at Woolies and its introductory price is available on the same page with these products. Check out Cheezels, Lime, Natural Chip Co., more deals within the “prices dropped” part on pg 3. Go to pg 4-5 for an inclusive product range covering donuts, cupcakes, and more candy bags. You have drinks and snacks sale on pg 10-11. 160g pack of Doritos crackers will cost $2 at Woolies this week. Coca-Cola, Sprite or Fanta 10x375mL will be $7. That’s nearly a half-price deal.

Half-Prices deals on Drinks and Snacks:

Much more is available in the catalogue. Woolworths Catalogue shows interesting deals on weekly products as well as Halloween sale. You can find all the details of products, price drops, and half-price deals with using this kind of online gadgets.

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