Woolworths Catalogue Homeware 20 – 26 Feb 2019

Woolies is a great alternative for mobile services at lower costs. Optos $50 SIM is only $15 and that’s better than half price! Find 5 different smartphones and 4 of them will cost half. Optus, Vodafone, Telstra, and more phones are really low-cost and sufficient quality for their prices. You can even buy a $29.50 Optus phone at Woolworths on Wednesday. Also, find energizer batteries this week. Pay only $12 for Max plus AA or AAA pk 16. Another half-price deals are valid on Armor all wash & were of 1L, Decor food storage, BBQ fuel, Scotch Brite and more will be in this range of products. Non-food part of the catalogue covers personal care items like razors, shampoo, toothpaste of Oral-B, Sensodyne, and more. Visit pg 26-27 for hair colours, shower products, bathroom consumables and more items from Woolworths Catalogue. 25% off discount on pet supplies is also a profitable discount.

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