Woolworths Catalogue Household 25 – 31 October, 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Household 25 - 31 October, 2017Powerful chemicals to achieve a really effective cleaning with Woolworths prices. Check out the deals of Woolworths Catalogue on the last part of the content. Low price always deals for Symphony facial tissues, soften fabric conditioner. Kitchenware selection is on sale at Woolies. Although not a big one, it’s a little bit helpful for you to discover new products like protein shaker. Swisse tablets of Magnesium, Women’s Ultivite, Liver Detox on pg 29. Hair and beauty products will be on sale this week. Herbal Essences Bio Renew shampoo, Maybelline mascara, Voeu eye cream and more cosmetics are also available. Shop half prices of dental products on pg 32. Deodorant and other personal care items for half prices on pg 33. Shampoo, Brilliance hair colour, Dove body soap, Palmolive shower gel, Poise pads, Veet Sensitive precision beauty styler and hair trimmer.

All these products are available on the Woolworths Catalogue. Start browsing on pg 26 for these products. Half prices and good deals:

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