Woolworths Catalogue Mother’s Day Gift Ideas May 2023

Woolies can help you with some gift ideas this week. I am sure you have already thought of a dozen different gifts from department stores but you can see even more using the catalogues of supermarkets. The thing about grocery store is that you will probably find a cheaper price although you won’t find too much of fancy gifts. Snacks & pantry, confectionery, dairy products, wellness products, personal care, and more are half-price deals in the latest Woolworths Catalogue. The gift ideas include treats and boxes of chocolate. But I think doing the groceries for a week for your mother is a great gift, too. That is true especially if she is old and it is hard for her to go to the store. And you know ordering online is more expensive. Check out these deals in Woolworths Catalogue Mother’s Day:

Woolworths Catalogue Mother's Day Gift Ideas May 2023

Specials on the first page:

  • Cadbury Roses 450g $8
  • Classic Gift Bouquet $25
  • Arnott’s Chocolate Coated Biscuits 160-200g $2.25
  • Twinings Tea Bags Pk 80-100 $6.75
  • Tasmanian Heritage Brie or Camembert 250g $7.45

Confectionery, snacks & pantry at half prices:

  • Cadbury Favourites 520g $11 pg 3
  • Cadbury Medium Bars or Bueno Bars 30-60g $1
  • In A Biskit 160g $1.75
  • Vittoria Mountain Grown Coffee 1 kg $22
  • Wicked Sister Desserts 150g or 170g Pk 2 $2.20 pg 5
  • Nature’s Way Products: vita gummies at ½ prices

Woolworths Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

You can buy gift bouquets, Olay self care products, Mother’s Day cards, mugs, sock gifts, and more products in this catalogue. Woolworths can help you with really good prices and treats. Woolworths Catalogue Mother’s Day offers these deals, too:

  • Delight Bouquet $15
  • Mother’s Day Make Your Own Card Set Pk 2 $4
  • Cadbury Milk Tray 180g $6.50 pg 9
  • Olay Bioscience Nourishing and Care Creme Body Lotion 250ml $12.50
  • John Sands Mother’s Day Cards from $3
  • White Wings Baking Mixes 230-560g $3.50
  • Haven Luxe 3 Wicks Soy Candle $17.50

Woolworths Catalogue also has awesome deals on dairy products and frozen foods. Gippsland, Dare, Bulla Crunch, and more ice cream or dairy products are all featured items. You may consider grabbing some of these for your mum on Sunday.

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