Woolworths Catalogue New Year 27 Dec 17 – 2 Jan 2018

Woolworths Catalogue New Year 27 Dec 17 - 2 Jan 2018Happy New Year. Woolworths Catalogue New Year celebration is a sure fun thing this week. View the products of Woolworths consisting of packaged food, cheese variety, “prices dropped” deals and many more items on pg 2-3. Pringles, Cornetto, Aussie Mangoes are primarily promoted products of Woolworths.

Your party will be so rich with the deli products including shrimps, chip dips, cheese selection platter, cheese varieties, cocktail prawns and more. They got all promoted by Woolies and their prices will make you so happy. The catalogue prices are going to be valid until 2 January.

Go to pg 4-5 for the details of snacks including Red Rock deli chips, Doritos chips, Twisties, Schweppes, Coca-Cola, V Energy Drink, Ocean Spray and more products. “Prices Dropped” deal on Smith’s, Cheezels, Four N’ Twenty, Golden Circle, Organic corn chips and more got promoted.

Welcome 2018 with perfect food and a big party! Essentials of party food appear on pg 8-9 of the latest catalogue. Half prices for BBQ sauce, Always fresh stuffed olives, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise squeeze or jar, croissants, and more original products of Woolworths Catalogue will be available.

Aussie nectarines, mangoes, tomatoes, blueberries, from fruit and vegetable shelf of Woolworths will get prices lower than regular. I think you should also find these offers with a great price range. Go to pg 12-13 for more details. Your BBQ will be even better with the true quality of meat. Don’t miss out these great offers. You might want to check out them:

A lot of lowered prices are possible to spot in this catalogue. Baguette, caramel mud cake are among the products with dropped prices. Low price always for Sanitarium Weet Bix, and Nescafe Cappuccino. Subscribe for more deals and catalogues. New Year party supplies are now almost on all catalogues.

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