Woolworths Catalogue New Year 26 Dec – 1 Jan

If you like to participate in a new year celebration party or throw a party at home, Woolworth has the essentials for you today. The new Woolworths Catalogue may help you learn the ways to find and save on some classic party supplies. Even the cover page of the catalogue proves that point. Find some half-price deals on Schweppes and Sunscreens which might be needed in your travel bag on the first page. Celebrate 2020 and get your needs on pg 1-3 of the catalogue to decorate your party.

As a matter of fact, these are nothing compared to the delicious deli and party foods. Serve these to show your hospitality while you are welcoming the new year. Explore the price range for products like cheddar, smoked salmon, double cream brie, etc. on Woolworths Catalogue new year sale.

Party decoration and accessories from Woolworths Catalogue New Year sale:

Fish, cheese, deli products for your parties:

Of course, snacks are not something to forget when you have a party for the new year. Chips, chocolates, bottles of soda, coke and similar items should be around all the time when you have a proper celebration. Woolies beverage sale can offer you new half prices this week.

Discover more party foods including kebabs and sauces on pg 8-9:

Woolworths Frozen Food Sale

Shop half prices in this aisle, too. Including ice cream products of favourite brands, you can shop a variety of fridge foods and frozen products at Woolworths. Shop patties, entertaining food, superfries, ice cream and more in this category.

Woolworths Deli, Bakery, Seafood and Meat Deals

Fresh range of Woolworths Catalogue may be a good source to save on everyone`s fridge favourites. Prices of kebab varieties will be dropped. You can shop prawn, salmon, lamb cutlets, steak, and more. Aussie fresh fruits are again an important part of the catalogue which I pretty much like.

Browse these half-price deals, too:

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