Woolworths Catalogue New Year Deals 27 Dec 2018

This new sale on Woolworths Catalogue will be valid until 1 Jan 2019. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We wish you a better version of your daily life in this new period of time. As a contribution to this better life, Woolworths deals can play a good role. Prior to beginning in a new year, we shall celebrate the ending of 2018 with the best party products. Find party supplies on pg 1-11 of Woolworths Catalogue 27 Dec 2018 – 1 Jan 2019. Half-Price deals on snacks and drinks, favourite brands of beverage, party foods, platters, deli products and weekly price drops including “prices dropped” and “lowest price always” discounts. Party decoration like wands, photo props, new year eve balloons, and more are on pg 2-3. Browse the discounts on deli products on pg 4-5. Find dips, salami, crackers, salads, and more as party foods. Classic snacks such as CC’s chips, Cheezels, McVitie’s, Red Rock Deli chips, Pepsi, V, and much more are the featured items on pg 8-9. We can see a great half-price sale on pg 11. These are some good frozen food ideas, ice cream, pizza and like-class of them.

Party foods and deli products:

Half-Price Snacks:

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